The MAIOR 15″ is a large modern design touch screen for centralized control of all your functions. The functions are displayed on top of your personal graphic backgrounds. These can be based on architectural floor drawings or any custom made graphical background or even a picture. Every room can be one screen if you like. The touch screen is capacitive technology of the latest generation.

MAIOR 15″ contains an X86 Windows OS solid state computer with Intel Atom processor and solid state flash memory.

It is made to run a TELETASK GUI+ graphical user interface, which contains all necessary software functions. Due to GUI+ all home automation features are available and can be visualised on e.g. a blueprint of each floor of the home. A GUI+ license is included with every MAIOR touch screen and on MAIOR 15″ and 19″, also VoIP video door phone communication is supported.


MAIOR processors are made to run GUI+ software only. No other software is to be installed on it.