Universal RS232 (A-V and other) interface

TELETASK offers easy integration with RS232 controlled audio/video systems. Typical application for this interface is the integration of the TELETASK home automation system with multi-room/multi-source (MR) systems like Russound, Nuvo and many others.

Residential multi-room/multi-source (MR) audio/video systems are often still provided with an RS232 control interface. Besides the existing wide range of audio/video integration solutions, TELETASK therefore introduces a configurable and learnable RS232 audio/video interface (order ref. TDS14042). Audio/video control is possible from every TELETASK user interface (buttons, panels, touch screens, remote control, PC, mobile devices,…).

This interface also has eight IR- flasher outputs to directly control audio/video sources. Combining MR system sources and directly from the IR-flasher controlled sources is possible. In home theater applications both the audio and video sources can be simultaneously managed, which results is a high user comfort.
The integrator can enter his specific ASCI control strings via PROSOFT Suite and store them not only in the device but also in a code file on his disk. The interface has the necessary infrared receiver to learn the IR codes which are to be used to control the IR-controlled sources. These can be stored in the code file for backup. When starting a new configuration these codes can be easily re-used. This way, setting up a new project becomes a fast and easy job.

The interface can memorise up to 900 codes, control up to eight sources and do the management of up to 24 audio/video zones.


For individual A/V device control you can also use the IR-COOKIE interface TDS14065 (single IR flasher output). Find more information here.