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Silver Automation Company in 2012 with the efforts of a number of experienced experts in the country with the goal of implementing automation and energy building systems in administrative and housing complexes, intelligent residential units, automation of parking automation, intelligent parking management, Design and implementation of industrial automation projects based on the technical knowledge of our experts in designing and implementing these systems in  accordance with the domestic and native needs of the industry of construction and industry .

Silver Automation Co., with its London office, has done numerous projects in the area of intelligent IT and IT abroad.

This company is the official representative of TELETASK Belgium and SAUTER SWISS and TAPHOME Slovakia.
Fortunately, this collection has managed to do its part in achieving this ambitious goal. The use of experienced, motivated and committed human resources has paved the way for the development of this complex and has had a dramatic upswing in its short years of operations.



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Silver Automation

If the TELETASK system is installed in a complex or in a building that has several buildings. You can define a control tower for the system that manages all buildings from one location. The TELETASK system does this by controlling the control tower.

With this method, the user’s concern about the open doors, lights, etc. is eliminated, and the user can monitor and control all buildings from the control tower.


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Why should we make our home smart? What are the benefits of this work?

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With the initial cost of purchasing a smart home system, all the facilities at the same house will be interconnected, and all of them will be as simple as the homeowner’s personal desire, and will increase the convenience, security, management and Saving energy. The features that a home intelligent system will give you are light control, screensavers, iPhone video, cooling and heating, irrigation and CCTV.

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